Honors and Testimonials

Awards and Recognitions

Texas Minority Counsel Program – Recipient of Trailblazer Outside Counsel Award (2013) (award given annually to a lawyer who has done the most to promote diversity within the legal profession)

Houston Bar Association President’s Award Recipient For Outstanding Service as Co-Chair of Law Week Committee (2010-11)

Houston Bar Association President’s Award Recipient For Outstanding Service as Chair of Lawyers Against Waste Committee (2012-13)

Woman On The Move, Texas Executive Women (2012) (recognizes ten women on the move annually)

Best Lawyers In America, Employment Law (2009-20) (© 2008 by Woodward/White, Inc. of Aiken, SC)

Texas Monthly Super Lawyer (2004, 2007-20), by Law & Politics Magazine

Board Certified TBLS – Labor and Employment Law (2001 – Present)

Houston Bar Association, under Gibson’s leadership, in 2016, earned the State Bar of Texas Award of Merit for the best overall programming by a large bar association; the Star of Achievement for its Teach Texas program and the Outstanding Partnership Award for its Juvenile Records Sealing Project


“I have known Laura for over 14 years. I consider her a strong role model in the legal community.  I was the youngest woman on the AWA Judiciary Nomination Board.  As I observed the leadership traits of the different members, it was quite evident Laura surpassed us all.  I keenly observed as Laura led with such grace, kindness, and humility while effectively collaborating and driving results.  It was a time intensive experience with highly charged, opinionated women interviewing and accessing judicial candidates.  I observed how Laura skillfully interviewed the candidates and then had incredible finesse acknowledging the vast difference of the members’ opinions while diplomatically (and impressively I might add) bringing us together to be united and successfully complete our slate of recommended candidates.  That experience solidified my awe of Laura and my goal to continually develop and follow her example.  Today, reflecting on Laura’s incredible ability to bring disparate voices together and drive successful results reminds me what a rare leadership trait it is.  Not only has Laura contributed to and led current Bar and community organizations, she is also a trailblazer in developing a new one.  Most recently Laura founded and now chairs the Liberty & Justice For All Task Force.  Laura passionately rises above and is never satisfied with the status quo.  She is resilient in keeping others accountable and empowering those that need the advocacy of a strong voice.  Time and time again, she continues to inspire me and solidifies my respect and awe of her.  Laura has taught me that the most outstanding, effective, strongest leaders lead without arrogance but rather humility, integrity, and vested interest in others.”

– Marianne Ibrahim
Global Compliance Leader, Baker Hughes Inc.

“Laura’s enthusiasm and personal commitment to advance and promote diversity within the legal profession could not be more clear.  When she was President of the AWA, she sent an email that was truly inspiring and resulted in several of us joining the organization for the first time.  I had the privilege of co-chairing the inaugural AWA Premier Women in Law Luncheon and quickly learned that she is a hard worker who really understands the role we can all play in advancing women and minorities in the legal profession.  I worked with Laura on reviving the AWA Scholarship Program and learned even more about her personal commitment.  She understands that diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a destination, and she also understands the importance of pipeline programs.  Laura’s hard work and dedication in her volunteer efforts and her professional excellence make her a formidable advocate for diversity.”  

– Cisselon Nichols Hurd
Litigation Counsel, Shell Oil Company

“Laura’s consistent and unwavering commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession for people of all underrepresented backgrounds is unparalleled and unmatched. Over the course of several years, I have witnessed Laura’s unreserved dedication to implementing transformative and innovative initiatives in the legal industry on the local and state level.  Specifically, as a Steering Committee member and former Co-Chair of the Texas Minority Counsel Program, an initiative aimed at enhancing inclusion, diversity and equity for diverse attorneys and women lawyers, Laura developed new ways to introduce in-house attorneys from underrepresented backgrounds to their counterparts working in private practice for the enhancement of commercial and mentoring relationships.  During her tenure, Laura also developed an award to recognize the efforts of attorneys who are committed to enhancing inclusion in the legal profession for diverse attorneys, including those who are LGBTQ+, from racially diverse backgrounds,  and lawyers with different abilities.  Because of her relentless pursuit of equity for these attorneys, Laura is also a past recipient of this award.  Similarly, during her time on the board of directors and as President of the Houston Bar Association, Laura has diligently focused on projects and programming that provides diverse attorneys with leadership opportunities, mentoring, and the skills to succeed in our profession.  For her commitment to diversity and inclusion and her overall dedication to improving our bar, Laura has won my unreserved endorsement for continuing to lead our profession to greater heights.” 

– Travis Torrence
Global Litigation Bankruptcy and Credit Team Lead, Shell Oil Company

“Laura has made a lasting difference in organizations dedicated to promoting diversity in the legal profession. She has given an extraordinary amount of time to the TMCP, as a member of the Steering Committee (2007-2012), Co-Chair (2009 and 2010) and Chair of the Counsel Award Recognition Committee (2011).  I personally observed her work tirelessly to implement innovative efforts to take the TMCP efforts to a new and sustainable level.  I was amazed at the level of her commitment, the energy and enthusiasm she brought to the task, and the large number of people who knew her and obviously respected her contributions.  For example, she suggested the “Dine Around” idea to create the opportunity for TMCP attendees to interact socially with fellow attendees.  She suggested that, rather than raising money by cold calling from the old call list, we all call our own contacts and report on those calls. She also recruited the first and only presidential sponsor the TMCP ever had and they sponsored for three years at the $10,000 level.  Finally, under her leadership, the Counsel Award Recognition Committee developed the inaugural Trailblazer Outside Counsel of the Year Award.  In addition to everything she is already doing for our profession and community, she has also served the last year as a mentor to a young woman attorney who is African American and is working in a contract position now but looking for a full time position.”

Thomas J. Forestier


“I know Laura well and have had many opportunities to observe her-with awe. She is a transformational leader.  She immediately rises to the top of every organization she joins, but more importantly, she brings vision and nurtures change.  Laura thinks big, sweats the details, brings out the best in people and gets results.  As an outgrowth of her passion for using the law as an instrument of change, she founded and now chairs the Liberty & Justice For All Task Force whose purpose is to educate the citizens of Texas about laws that suppress minority vote and to work towards legislative reform.  This timely, but complex endeavor suits Laura’s can-do attitude and relentless spirit. As President of the Associate of Woman Attorneys, she created a gestalt around the organization that made people want to join and participate, to make it a force in helping women and to set its path as a vital, meaningful tool for progress in the legal community.  Women often muse about another “I don’t know how she does it.”  I observed that quandary about Laura more than anyone else I know.  She is gracious in the face of adversity, tenacious in the face of resistance to change, thoughtful in the face of the status quo, and modest in light of her accomplishments.”

Lynne Liberato


“Laura is a true pioneer in the field of mentorship. She perceives mentorship as a duty, a calling, and a reward.  The biggest contributor to Laura’s effective mentorship style is the breadth of her self-awareness.  Appreciating others’ personalities, behaviors and work approaches, Laura recognizes the importance of offering vision and guidance in a purposeful but unobtrusive manner.  She has a true gift to awaken others’ inner creativity by teaching mentees how to think, not what to think.  She is engaging, insightful and honest.  Through her encouragement, patience and stewardship, I found my confidence.  She truly empowers others.  Not only is Laura’s mentorship style effective, she is a role model, change agent and advocate for diverse attorneys.  Laura’s constant striving to empower the lives of other women attorneys, when there are virtually no extrinsic motivations or rewards for doing so, is admirable.  She embodies the unique reputation as a highly skilled trial attorney and formidable opponent, but also as a woman who puts others first, devotes a substantial amount of time to furthering our profession through mentorship, and as a champion for diversity.  Laura has had a long and impressive career and she has inspired many women to follow in her accomplished footsteps.  Her vision and leadership are remarkable and her mentorship has been transformative in my life and those of many others.”

– Alexis W. Foster


“I attended an AWA meeting and met Laura for the first time. She was the then President and after a short introduction, she encouraged me to get involved in the organization.  A few weeks later and to my surprise, I received an email from the then Vice President of Communications informing me that Laura had recommended me as a candidate to join her AWA committee.  A few months later I received a phone call from the President Elect of the AWA informing me that Laura had recommended me as a candidate to serve on her board.  Again, I was grateful that Laura was seeking leadership opportunities to promote me, which allowed me to build invaluable relationships.  I was [later] surprised to learn that I had been nominated as a candidate for Leadership SBOT.  As a member of the 2012-2013 class, I participated in leadership training programs across the state with diverse attorneys and presented a group project during the annual meeting resulting in my appointment to the Women in Profession Committee.  And I have Laura to thank for this amazing opportunity.  I soon realized that I wasn’t the only attorney that she altruistically supported.  Many of the African American and Hispanic women lawyers that I have served on committees and boards with have done so through Laura’s encouragement and efforts. I have yet to meet an attorney like Laura – she genuinely seeks to uplift and promote lawyers that she encounters within the profession.  She is known for helping lawyers become successful for no personal gain but for the sake of passing on the torch.” 

– Rabeea Sultan Collier


“I have always looked to Laura as a mentor. She and her partners established one of the first women-owned firms serving large, corporate clients.  They demonstrated to me an alternative path for forging my own career, and I have looked to her as an example.  I started my own women-owned firm with two partners in 2006…at a time where I lacked both confidence and connections.  Laura helped me with both.  She reached out to me and provided words of praise and encouragement in our early months. She asked me to join the Council of HBA’s Labor & Employment Section when she was chairing it.  Once I joined the Council, she suggested that I give a speech to the section in an area I was looking to develop.  This boosted my exposure to my colleagues, as well as my confidence professionally.  This culminated in my chairing the section.  I would never have been able to achieve that if she had not looked out for me when I most needed assistance.  She did so without asking for anything in return, or seeking for her own personal gain.” 

– Samantha Barlow Martinez


“Having worked with Laura, I can attest that she is dedicated to the assistance of minorities and women in the legal profession. Because of her mentorship and dedication to helping others, Laura also serves as a role-model for many attorneys, including myself.  Whether I have questions about the HBA, employment litigation, or even the best child-care facilities, Laura always takes time to give me sound advice.  She also works to create connections so that future generations of women and minority attorneys form lasting relationships.  Laura continuously works to expand and increase opportunities for minority and women attorneys–she has twice served as co-chair for TMCP.”

– Diana Peréz Gomez


“Laura has been both selfless and tireless in transforming the AWA to provide exceptional mentoring and networking opportunities for young women attorneys.She used her contacts to create “Lessons from the Masters,” a very popular, year-long series of programs that offered young lawyers access to high-caliber women with successful legal careers.  She introduced an event called “Suited for Success” where a female trial judge, female law partners and a style consultant offered specific and practical wardrobe advice for young women to enhance their professional appearance.  She created and launched the enormously successful AWA “Premier Women in Law” luncheon, which in its first year recognized women who had risen to prominence in law firm management – in the process raising donations to fund 7 scholarships for financially challenged 2L and 3L law students. The Premier Women in Law Luncheon remains the primary AWA annual event to this day.  She did all this in her one-year term as AWA President.  Under her leadership, the AWA not only engaged and energized a generation of young women lawyers, but it also put in place the structures to insure the continuity of these transformative programs.”

– Sally S. Andrews


“Laura is a respected colleague, friend and mentor.As a daughter of a migrant worker and an immigrant, I am a first generation college graduate and lawyer. Mentors such as Laura are critical to facilitating an inclusive legal community.  After serving as President of both the Houston Hispanic Bar Association and the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston, I met Laura when I transitioned to leadership roles within the Houston Bar Association (HBA) and the State Bar of Texas (SBOT) Board of Directors.  Laura had a role in this.  She consistently demonstrated, both personally and professionally, a commitment to diversity.  Through our friendship during our HBA tenure together, she was supportive and modeled “leadership” in strengthening the relationship between the HBA and affinity bars and lawyers. When nominated for a SBOT Minority Director position, a competitive endeavor, Laura enthusiastically assisted my application.  As the HBA President, she submitted a letter of recommendation on my behalf to the SBOT President Allan DuBois- he selected me as a Director.   Her mentorship continued during our SBOT work together and in her capacity as SBOT Chair of the Board.  Her appointments were always balanced, fair and inclusive- they reflected the diversity of the Board.  In her final act as Chair- she selected two Hispanic women as recipients of her Chair Awards; I was honored to be the recipient of the Outstanding Third Year Director Award and truly honored to call her my friend.  Friendship is always the best agent of change.  I know Laura will serve all bar members well if elected president.”

– Angelica M. Hernandez