Meet Laura

Laura has been practicing law in Houston for 36 years.  She started her career at a mid-sized Texas-based firm as an associate and later partner.  In 1993, she founded a four person trial firm where she practiced for 24 years.  She now works at the 6 lawyer Houston office of Dentons where she heads up the Texas Labor and Employment Section.

She didn’t get heavily involved in Bar activities until the opening of Ogden, Gibson in 1993.  She got involved because having her own small firm brought home the importance of connecting with other lawyers.  She needed referral sources in order to maintain her trial docket.  She started on the committee level working on the Houston Bar Association’s Minority Opportunities in the Legal Profession Committee.

Later, she got involved in the Labor & Employment Section and worked her way up to become Chair of the Section. When she was Section Chair, she recruited under-represented plaintiff’s lawyers, many of whom were not members of the HBA. She asked them to join the HBA and invited several to serve on the council. She emphasized the importance of council members being ambassadors to members. She encouraged them to treat their section lunches like an event they were hosting in their home.  She asked that they get to know as many people as possible and welcome them to the E & L Group.

On the State Bar level, a few years after having an opportunity to speak at the Texas Minority Counsel Program, she started to attend the TMCP each year. She got involved with the Steering Committee. As an example of her efforts to make everyone feel welcome, she suggested that the committee create a Dine Around to connect lawyers who were attending on their own and didn’t know any other lawyers at the conference.

They created a Dine Around event where the State Bar made dinner reservations at nearby restaurants, and put out sign-up sheets on a first come, first serve basis where lawyers could have dinner with colleagues they didn’t know.  The groups came back from dinner together and felt comfortable participating in the after party.  She is proud to say that the Dine Around program continues to introduce lawyers to one another.

In addition to focusing on inclusion, she’s a pretty hard worker.  She is blessed to have a tremendous amount of energy and, more importantly, an amazing assistant who helps her accomplish more than she could do on her own.  For that she is so appreciative of Lea Ann Del Angel, her longtime assistant.

She has been working to promote diversity, and equality of opportunity, for almost as long as she has been a lawyer.

After George Floyd was killed on May 25, 2020 when former police officer, Derek Chauvin knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck for nearly eight minutes, she was so outraged–as were so many others.  That week, she formed the Liberty & Justice For All Task Force.

From the formation of the task force in early June until the elections, the task force members focused their attention to increasing the number of people who were registered to vote in the November 4 election.  After the inauguration, the task force members intend to turn their attention to implementing voter reforms in Texas.

She is a strong leader and has a proven track record of accomplishments that create meaningful change.

Laura is a lifelong beach comber, an avid gardner, lover of turquoise and enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado with family.

Mollie Socks’ last visit to the farm, April 2016.

With Sheila Ogden and Bill Ogden at farm in Winedale.

Gibson Gardens’ tomatoes from the 2015 season.

Lifelong friends from YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow.

With Bill Ogden, Katherine Ogden, and Sheila Ogden.

With Mom, Shirley Gibson, and big sister, Diane Cates.

With grandchildren number one and number two.

Celebrating childhood friend’s son’s wedding with Sharon Cross and Debbie Hewitt.

Christine and Kevin’s rehersal dinner at Camp Lucy.

Celebrating Dr. Holmes’ graduation from Vet School.

Precious grandchildren.

Niece-in-law, Kimberly, and rescue dog, Mollie Socks.